Yaskawa support

Motoman - Yaskawa support

SkyBlue provides a support for Motoman-Yaskawa robots. In the moment this has been tested in DX200 Controller with MH20 robot.

A special application written in MotoPlus support 3 tasks. Two of the tasks are covering Yaskawa template for integration in interpolation loop. The third task is communicating with SkyBlue using a custom UDP protocol. The protocol allows sending of data to Yskawa and reading specific Yaskawa variables. The variables needed by SkyBlue are I000 - skyblue mode (0 - do not measure, 1 - do measure) and I001 - change to preset (joint type with parameters) suitable for the respective welding object. D002-D015 variables are used to send back measurment results when measurment is switched on. The measurment result set is the typical for SkyBlue result set:

  • D001 - actual mode (0 measure off, 1 measure on)

  • D002 -actual preset (integer number for preset defined in SkyBlue)

  • D003 - TimeStamp in ms in SkyBlue time.

  • D004 - Age of the data (typical stabilized value is 70ms)

  • D005 - Error code - specifying reasons for non tracking or wrong message sent by the robot like e.g. atempt to select not existing preset or algorithm does not find the expected object.

  • D006 - Tracking point Y coordinate in 10 microns unit (mm x 100)

  • D007 - Tracking point Z coordinate in 10 microns unit (mm x 100)

  • D008 - D015 - Measurments for adaptive welding. Depending on selected preset this are geometric measurements including - Bottom gap, Top GAP, Angle, Area of the welding area, Lengths of the segments of observed object etc. (mm x 100, deg x 100)

The SkyBlue Motoplus application can be requested on the e-mail below.