Purpose of the system

SkyBlue is a standard laser vision triangulation camera which can operate in welding conditions for seam tracking during welding.

Tecnichal Parameters

  • Area of measurement

    • SBSx055 20-75 mm with precision 0.02 mm

    • SBSx120 110-230 mm with precision 0.05 mm

    • SBSx200 150-350 mm with precision 0.1 mm

    • SBSx030 80-110 mm with precision 0.01 mm

  • Number of measurements per second 50-60 or 100 for the high speed models.

  • Power supply of the system 24V

  • Number processed frames Up to 100 per second with full resolution

  • Number processed frames ROI - 2000 per second at 100x100 image size

  • Laser wave length 660 nm

  • Laser optical power 30 mW

  • Exposure time 100µs – 18 ms

  • Gain 1 - 12dB

  • Sensor resolution - up to 1.3 MPx, 10 bits depth of gray scale

  • Air knife for cleaning the welding sparks

  • Air cooling

  • Water cooling

  • Connection sensor - controller - GigEVision with POE

System Architecture and cabling

The system consists of three components Measurement sensor, Controller, HMI Display.

Measurement sensor

Measurement sensor does the actual physical measurements of objects located in the laser plane Measurement sensor is connected to controller to appropriate connection interface (see below controller) with high quality cable.


The controller gets images from the measurement sensor and does the appropriate conversion and processing to geometric objects of the specified preset.

The interfaces of the controller are dedicated for specific purposes from left to right:

1. HMI display or switch to HMI and external pc.

2. Debug interface intended for servicing, remote access etc. The IP configuration is obtained by DHCP on the network where the controller is connected.

3. OFF

4. Interface to robot. Preconfigured to IP configuration can be changed from the client.

5. SkyBlue sensor connection. 5m gray cable CAT7 and 10m blue cable CAT6A are provided.

6. Not used.

Sensor interface is POE enabled and controller is powering the sensor. IP address is factory defined and is not intended to be changed on the field.

HMI Display

Provide user interface to the controller and parameterization of pattern matching for successful seam tracking.

Multiplatform Client writen in Java

  • Visualize Image and world view of the observation

  • Adjust parameters for image quality and objects matching

  • Manage presets

  • System functions - update, logs, robot connection parameters

  • Internal robot simulation

  • Logging of images for offline processing

  • Control locking state of the system - locking is a special function to reduce mistakes. When one or more clients are connected to the system only one of them has writing and changing rights. When the robot activate the measurements it locks exclusively the client, but it is still possible to overrule this lock on the client side. The intention of this function is to avoid unintended change of parameters during seam tracking.

  • Support for Admin, Manager and User rights secured by specific pin codes.

  • Documentation available for free download

Supported robots

  • Beckhoff PLC Client and Server (SkyBlue is master or slave) - Twincat 2 and Twincat 3 ar supported. ADS protocol is interfaced with ADS Server/ Client on SkyBlue site. Operational in China.

  • Motoman - Yaskawa - supported - Own Motoplus application running on the robot controller is interfacing SkyBlue to Yaskawa DX200 robot. The application is synchronizing with robot interpolation cycle using Yaskawa protocols. The application provide path correction functions and eliminate the need of use of Motoeye LT package from Yaskawa. Operational in China. Suitable for real-time path correction and non-real-time laser positioning (see Light Blue for positioning demos).

  • ABB robots with EGM UdpUc protocol - Skyblue is waiting for first EGM packet from ABB then it tracks the state of ABB statemachine and when ABB switches to running state (between two or more EGMMoveX commands) the corrections are sent to the interpolation cycle of the robot. Suitable for real-time laser tracking.

  • ABB RWS interface - Suitable for non-real-time laser positioning or slow speed laser tracking. (see Light Blue).

  • ABB EGM interface - Suitable for realtime path correction

  • ABB CONTROLLER S4C models with Serial protocol.

  • KUKA robot with RSI3 protocol - Skyblue is operating as slave and delivers to KUKA data on request. The correction data is sent back to Kuka and included in Interpolation cycle of the robot. Sitable for realtime tracking with High speed 4ms KUKA loop or Slow speed 12ms KUKA loop.

  • KUKA robot with KRL protocol - SkyBlue is master. Usable for laser positioning withouth realtime path correction but economizing the RSI option from Kuka Suitable for non-real-time laser positioning or slow speed laser tracking. (see Light Blue).

  • Fanuc - not yet supported expected release (Q2 2021)

  • Hyundai robot welding - (Q3 2021)

  • Kawasaki welding robots - (Q3 2021)

  • Stäubli robot - (Q2 2021)